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Gold Om Bracelet

Gold Om Bracelet

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Discover a profound sense of harmony and well-being with our captivating gemstone bracelet, meticulously crafted from the grounding essence of Blackwood and adorned with an Om charm. The rich, deep tones of Blackwood effortlessly blend with the spiritual symbolism of the Om charm, creating a synergy that resonates with both nature and the divine. This bracelet serves as a tangible reminder of the interconnectedness of all things and offers healing properties that promote balance, tranquility, and a heightened sense of self-awareness. Wear this exquisite piece to embrace the holistic energies of nature and spirituality, allowing the union of Blackwood and the Om charm to guide you towards inner equilibrium and a deeper connection with the universe.

Elevate your personal journey towards well-being with our gemstone bracelet, a wearable embodiment of serenity and symbolism. The graceful presence of Blackwood beads is beautifully complemented by the Om charm, a sacred icon representing the universal sound and the unity of all existence. As you adorn yourself with this bracelet, you invite its healing properties to support you on multiple levels, from grounding your energy and reducing stress to fostering a greater sense of inner peace and mindfulness. Let the Blackwood and the Om charm intertwine their energies, encouraging you to explore the depths of self-discovery and spiritual growth, while basking in the tranquil aura they create.


Measuring your wrist with a tape measure, for an exact measurement, will help us ensure your bracelet fits the way you want it.

*If you do not have a tape measure, wrap a piece of string around wrist and then measure on a ruler.

Add 1/4 inch for snug fit and 1/2 -1 inch for relaxed.

Care information

To ensure the best care, roll the bracelet on or off your wrist, instead of pulling or stretching the elastic cord and beads. Repetitive pulling over time can cause the elastic to stretch and weaken.

Do NOT put your bracelet in water.

Remove before bathing/ swimming. If you accidentally get your bracelet wet, dry as soon as possible. Avoid direct contact with hairspray, makeup, lotion and perfume

To clean your bracelet, wipe it with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately.

Store in a clean, dry place.

Cleanse your bracelet.


*Disclaimer: due to screen resolutions, gemstones, being unique (like you), may appear differently in colour ,than pictured. If you have any questions please send us a message before your purchase.

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