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The Pumpkin Spice Stack

The Pumpkin Spice Stack

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Introducing the "Pumpkin Spice" Gemstone Bracelet Stacking Set, a warm and invigorating combination of Riverstone Jasper, Lava Rock, Rosewood, and Rose Gold Hematite. This set is more than just a stylish ensemble; it's a celebration of grounded energy, earthy warmth, and understated elegance. Perfect for fall. 

Riverstone Jasper: The Earth's Rhythm

At the heart of this set lies Riverstone Jasper, celebrated for its grounding and stabilizing energy:

  • Strength and Stability: Riverstone Jasper symbolizes strength and stability, helping the wearer connect with the Earth's rhythm and find inner balance.

  • Motivation and Endurance: It enhances motivation and endurance, making it a wonderful companion for those seeking to accomplish their goals.

Lava Rock: A Burst of Energy

The inclusion of Lava Rock beads adds an element of invigorating energy to this set:

  • Grounding and Strength: Lava Rock's porous nature helps with grounding and strength, offering the wearer a renewed sense of energy.

  • Aromatherapy Infusion: Lava Rock can absorb essential oils, allowing you to infuse your bracelet with your favorite scents, creating a personalized and energizing experience. *purchase our Essential Oil Rollers Here

Rosewood: The Gentle Guardian of Tranquility

Rosewood beads contribute a soothing and earthy essence to this ensemble:

  • Calming Aura: Rosewood's gentle fragrance promotes tranquility, making it ideal for mindfulness and meditation.

  • Connection to Nature: It offers a deep connection to the natural world, fostering a sense of grounding and serenity.

Rose Gold Hematite: Elegance and Confidence

The Rose Gold Hematite beads introduce a touch of sophistication and self-assured glamour:

  • Balance and Confidence: Hematite offers grounding energy, fostering balance and self-confidence.

  • Elegance and Empowerment: The rose gold hue symbolizes self-empowerment and personal strength, enhancing the overall allure of this set.

The "Pumpkin Spice" Gemstone Bracelet Stacking Set harmoniously combines the grounding energy of Riverstone Jasper with the invigorating nature of Lava Rock, the soothing aura of Rosewood, and the understated elegance of Rose Gold Hematite. Whether you wear them individually or stack them together, this set is a reminder of the warmth and balance found in the embrace of nature, the energy within, and the graceful strength that resides in all of us.


Measuring your wrist with a tape measure, for an exact measurement, will help us ensure your bracelet fits the way you want it.

*If you do not have a tape measure, wrap a piece of string around wrist and then measure on a ruler.

Add 1/4 inch for snug fit and 1/2 -1 inch for relaxed.

Care information

To ensure the best care, roll the bracelet on or off your wrist, instead of pulling or stretching the elastic cord and beads. Repetitive pulling over time can cause the elastic to stretch and weaken.

Do NOT put your bracelet in water.

Remove before bathing/ swimming. If you accidentally get your bracelet wet, dry as soon as possible. Avoid direct contact with hairspray, makeup, lotion and perfume

To clean your bracelet, wipe it with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately.

Store in a clean, dry place.

Cleanse your bracelet.


*Disclaimer: due to screen resolutions, gemstones, being unique (like you), may appear differently in colour ,than pictured. If you have any questions please send us a message before your purchase.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful set

The set is so beautiful and perfect for fall... although I love it so much I'll be wearing it all year :)

Beth Coulson
Pumpkin spice stack

Stunning. I bought it for a friend and she loved it. Shop local and share your favorites!

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