Collection: Howlite

~ Releases anxiety
~ Cuts negative emotions/ lets go of attachments
~ Helps with insomnia
~ Calming/ soothing

This healing gemstone is especially well-known for its calming and soothing vibrations, which are believed to calm the mind and bring relief to those who struggle with stress and anxiety. Howlite is there to soak up fears and negative energies that can weigh us down.

A gemstone of patience and perspective, for those who feel they need to slow it down, absorb, and clear the constant stream of chatter from the mind. An absorbing stone, it will aid in cutting out negative attachments, help in finding purpose, and keeping stress out of your life. Boosts patience and calms anger.

Howlite knows to reach out and hold on to those higher frequencies, making it a great stone for those who want to cleanse their crown chakra and make deeper spiritual connections.