Collection: Jade

~Confidence/ courage
~Good Luck and joy
~Wellbeing and longevity

A gorgeous mineral often associated with the flow of Feng Sui, Green Jade is a stone that has carried health, balance and healing through the ages . One of the oldest healing crystals celebrated for attracting luck, strength and invites good health.

Jade is a loving and nurturing stone that instantly soothes and helps you to let go of old ideas you may have been clinging to.

Jade cuts out negative thought patterns and gifts you the courage and wisdom to trust yourself. This in turn boosts your self-confidence, inviting prosperity into the places you need it.

Its association with Feng Sui points to Green Jade’s ability to encourage complete harmony and balance. It’s a stone that belong to the earth, and therefore works to keep you gloriously grounded, not just in mind but in the body also. A great healer for the nervous system and known for being a restorative force when it comes to your chi, bringing tranquility and calm, while relieving irritability. Jade is a cleansing stone, meaning it will work helping organs to heal from toxins.