Collection: Kunzite

~ Stone of emotion (opens heart to receive love) 

~ Peace, tranquility, & optimism

~ Uplift & inspire 

Kunzite is one of the most calming stones imaginable. Known as the “Woman’s Stone” because it emanates an abundance of feminine energy and resonates with numerous high vibrations. 

This stunning gemstone vibrates with an incredibly peaceful and loving energy that calms anger, reduces fears, and soothes nerves, as well as offers grounding to bring one back down to the earth. Wearing Kunzite will help infuse your soul with creative inspiration, intuition and help with tapping into your best self. 

Renowned for its exceptional ability to eliminate emotional blockages, particularly in matters of the heart. Kunzite gently helps us to release the blocks we set around the heart and reminds us of the value of joy and celebration. Its high vibrational energy encourages letting go of fears and pains that hold the heart to the past and inspires being present. A perfect stone for our heart chakra. 

Kunzite also shields the aura from negative energies. This gemstone is amazing for soothing stress and panic attacks.